Be A Part of the Conversation

conversationTrinity and Be a Part of the Conversation have joined in partnership.

As a congregation that proclaims “serving others” as a priority, we envision this partnership to bring to the North Penn community learning opportunities and support for families that are identified in Be a Part’s Vision statement. Currently, unlike surrounding school districts, families in the North Penn School District have no organized opportunities for such education and support.

Our Mission
Be a Part of the Conversation addresses substance use, misuse and addiction and its impact on young people by building a culture of awareness and support.

Our Vision
We hope to see every child, adolescent and young adult equipped with the skills and resources to avoid substance use, misuse or addiction. If such use becomes a reality and a challenge, or if the disease of addiction has been diagnosed, those young people will be supported and assisted by a community that is educated and able to take timely and positive action toward healing and lifelong recovery.”

Trinity families and hopefully, community families, will have opportunities to participate in professionally led workshops and other resources that address substance abuse in school-­age children.

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