The Disaster Management Team oversees the framework enabling Trinity Lutheran Church in Lansdale to minimize vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters in collaboration with the Lansdale Borough Emergency Management Office.

Trinity’s Disaster Management Team is welcoming of new members concerned for its mission within Trinity’s framework. The committee is always open to fresh ideas and approaches. Contact convener Joe Howard at


The Disaster Management Team seeks to promote preparation and recovery disciplines to make Trinity Lutheran Church and the community it relates to safer and less vulnerable by building and expanding the capacity to cope with hazards and disasters.


The Disaster Management Team serves the Trinity Lutheran Lansdale congregation and community by coordinating and integrating activities necessary to build, sustain, and improve the capability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from threatened or actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters.

Team Structure:

The DMT is an umbrella group for two sub-teams; Planning & Preparedness and Response & Recovery.  The Disaster Management Team meets 3 – 4 times per year.  The two sub-teams meet as often as necessary to complete their mission.  Our work is guided by a Memorandum of Understanding between Lansdale Borough and Trinity Lutheran Church.

  • Planning & Preparedness team evaluates the direct threats to Trinity and the community in direct coordination with the Emergency Response Manager for Lansdale Borough.  The goal of the Planning & Preparedness team is to maintain an emergency response manual specifically for Trinity Lutheran Church.
  • Response & Recovery team focuses more on the community in direct coordination with Lansdale Borough. Lansdale Borough considers Trinity to be a short term assembly facility for as many as 400 persons in case of a disaster affecting a large number of persons. There is no plan for any overnight stays, but that Trinity could provide daytime shelter and food services as Trinity is able. For disasters outside Lansdale Borough, such as Hatfield, the Borough will still be the coordinating agency. All expenses incurred are paid or reimbursed to Trinity by the Borough. Trinity volunteers provide necessary services.  Other disaster response & recovery missions, such as disaster related mission trips away from Trinity will be coordinated on an as needed basis.

Current Members:

The DMT consists of members serving on the Planning & Preparedness sub-team and the Response & Recovery sub-team. There are additional Trinity member volunteers who will support Response & Recovery in the event Lansdale Borough declares an emergency requiring Trinity Lutheran Church support.


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