Energy Management Team

lightbulbTrinity has committed itself to be as earth friendly as possible through its Green Team. The Energy Management Team is a component of this “green” effort. The Energy Management Team will investigate and evaluate how Trinity can best manage its energy use. Results and recommendation will be communicated to Church council for their review and implementation.

Basic Goals:

  • Review of current HVAC systems and operation costs.
  • Review of existing lighting and operational cost.
  • Review of current facility usage and how it impacts cost of operation
  • Consider more integrated computer operated HVAC network system.
  • Upgrade lighting fixtures to more efficient one if cost effective.


1. Create a policy for better usage of the facility to include such things as making sure lights & HVAC are off when rooms are not being used.
2. Investigate and get current pricing to purchase an Energy Management System
3. Look into new lighting opportunities such as LEDs & how we could cost effectively implement them.

Trinity Energy Management team meets every other month or monthly if needed on Saturday at 9 am usually in Room 264.
If you would like to get involved or want more information, contact Curt Deardorff at or call 215-699-5737.