Family Ministry

What is “Family Ministry”?  Well, simply put, family ministry is centered around families (duh!).  But more than that, family ministry is the idea that families come in all shapes and sizes: single adults, couples without children, grandparents, step families, single-parent households, and the “traditional” family unit.  We also believe, at Trinity Lutheran Church, that we are all part of the Family of God, the Body of Christ that lives in this world.  We need people of all ages and backgrounds, from all sorts of family units so we can learn and grow in faith together.

We also believe that faith is a vibrant, active thing that is lived out.  Faith is caught more than it is taught, and caring adults help younger people grow in their faith as they live that faith in their everyday lives and in the Church.  If we want Christian children and youth, we need Christian adults who care for them and want to be in a trusted relationship with them.

Finally, core to what we believe is that there should always be a living partnership between church and home.  Church is the place we go to be fed and grow in our faith, but then we go out to our homes, workplaces, and schools to live out that faith.  We hope to be part of helping families of all shapes and sizes grow in their faith daily and practice their faith out in the world.

So how can you be a part of Family Ministry?  Here are some ideas:

  1. Practice the faith at home and in your everyday life:  try having caring conversations and devotions at home, practice acts of service out in the world and in your own homes.
  2. Find a person at our congregation to befriend.  We all need to be grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters to one another.
  3. Participate in one of our cross-generational activities or worship services, offered throughout the year.
  4. Get involved and share your ideas.

If you are interested in being a part of Trinity’s Family Ministry program, please let us know.  You can contact  Karen Strobel, Administrator for Family Ministry anytime.  We would love to have you help shape what Family Ministry is all about.