November 19, 2017

What would you do with 75 years of wages or 30 years of wages or 15 of years wages?

If someone gave you 7.5 million or 5 million or your 2.5 million,


Those amounts – 7.5 million, 5 million and 2.5 million are modern day equivalents of the parable “talents”.

And that question what would you do with those funds is the question of today’s parable for our lives.


Can you even imagine receiving all the money you need to live for all the years your life?

Can you even image someone that generous that you would be given all that money?

What would you do with your money?


Well, isn’t that actually our experience?

We are given all the money for all of our life.

Someone is generous to you beyond your wildest imagination: God!

And the answer to what you would do with your riches, your years, your God given talents, you answer each and every day of life.

Like the generous master in today’s parable, God the creator and owner of all that exists, owns us and give us resources to manage.

God wants us to care for and develop ourselves so that God might use us as God’s instruments in serve to others.

And like the three slaves in today’s parable we are each give a reckless, unearned, unheard amount of trust by God.

God gives us gifts of daring generosity – life and everything we need to live.

At this time of the year, every year, we get to live this parable.

We get to play it safe or risk investing in the reign of God.

The parable comes in the form of a request to make a financial pledge to Trinity.

You get to respond as a 5 talents, 2 talents, or 1 talent disciple.

That is, you decide to risk your resources in support of what God is doing in the world or you hunker down and play it safe thinking you know better what to do with God’s gifts to you.

But apparently Jesus wants us to consider that there are consequences of not using our wages, talents, life resources, years, to the glory of God.


Perhaps not as bad as gnashing of teeth in outer darkness, but darn close.

Consider for a moment what parts of yourself have you buried…

What joy do you not allow yourself to experience or remember?

What vitality is missing from your life?

What are you keeping locked away, not entrusting to anyone, not to yourself, not even to God?

What prevents you from being adventurous, daring, rash with your life; the life that was given to you with all the money and resources you need?


Here, let me ask one last question seeing you haven’t responded to any of the others, so far as I have heard.

What would it mean in your life if you trusted that God was the sort of daring fellow of this parable who would do rash and crazy things for which there was no script, would dare, would experiment,  would risk losing things and so would end up multiplying things greatly?

Once again this year, like many of you Janet and I will make a financial commitment to Trinity for 2018.

We will look at the growth giving chart and increase our giving as we have every year of our married life.

This year that is really a risking thing to do because we don’t yet know what our annual income will be.

Janet is still searching for a job.  But we are not going to play it safe.

We are going to trust that God will provide. Crazy, we know.

But we believe that God is doing something amazing here at Trinity And we want to be a part of it. Won’t you join us?


It seems to me, my friends, when everything is said and done what this parable is about is getting us to answer the question.

I’ve been asking in many and various way all morning:

What wild and crazy thing is God calling you to do for the sake of the kingdom?

What rash and crazy thing could you do with all that you have been given?

Where might you dare, experiment, risk losing it all, and so, as the parable goes, would end up multiplying things greatly?

It’s not like there is an alternative.

You will end up risking, giving it all for something, someone, some cause, some belief, some ideal, either way.

No one takes the money or the years or the resources with them.

When it is over it is over.

So, why not respond today, this week, by Sunday, if you could to the One who dares you, encourages you ,to be adventurous

with all that you have been given.

So that in your living out of this parable, in your investing your God given resources in the economy of God, you will indeed multiply abundance and enter the joy of the master.

May God make it so. Amen.