Purpose Statement:

The newly formed Veterans Ministry of Trinity is a volunteer-based Christian outreach that serves local Veterans from any war or peacetime era, Veterans no matter where they come from, active duty deployed personnel, and their families. The ministry provides the following group meetings and outreach:


The Ministry works with the annual Lansdale PA Hero Walk organization, the federal Veterans Administration to monitor issues affecting all Veterans nationally, the Montgomery County Department of Veterans Affairs, Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds, and other community veterans’ and faith-based groups. This Ministry strengthens church-community relationships to help veterans stay connected. Active duty military personnel and their spouses are also invited to participate as they are able.


The Veterans Ministry meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 7 pm in Room 125/127 of the church to discuss life experiences, veteran’s issues, special events, and ways in which veterans can help other veterans, and to help resolve challenges Veterans face in the local area. Everything discussed in the group is confidential. Often times only another veteran or spouse of a veteran can relate to and understand what another Veteran has to share. We provide one another with hope, encouragement, and comradery through a Christian environment.

Co-Chairs of this Ministry are Chip Kern, 215-855-0994, beetle325verizon.net, and Donna Nolter, 215-723-3351, samsonnolter@comcast.net.



Trinity Veterans Ministry Directory

Click on the photo to download a pdf file of the veterans directory.




PA Veteran Grateful to PA Hero Walk for “Best Gift Ever” Gift Provides Peace of Mind

More than two years ago, US Air Force Air National Guard Veteran Martina Gorham found herself in a dire situation being jobless and homeless. A Veteran having served as a culinary specialist with the 111th Fighter Wing at Willow Grove Naval Air Station in Willow Grove from 2000-2003, she was having difficulty finding housing resources to help her out of her plight. Prior to this, she had been a social worker for the Philadelphia Prison System for several years.  She could not return to her position at the Prison System due to personal medical problems.  Read more