World Hunger

ELCA World Hunger Appeal

For Lent, the ELCA World Hunger Appeal is looking at the sources of hunger and poverty on a large scale, and how our Lutheran faith shapes our perspective and role in the world economy. Each week in Lent, a key aspect will be examined on economic injustice and how that relates to world hunger.

Week 1 – A Household Economy
In a world of abundance given to us by God, how does hunger and poverty start? Is this a result of the victims of hunger and poverty themselves or there other external forces causing this to happen? Is there a problem with the world economy that would cause this? What do we mean by “an economy”?

Click here to look at this from the view of the family household.


Week 2 – An Economy of Grace
During Martin Luther’s time, the Roman Catholic Church, in which he was a faithful leader, had a view of God’s Grace that Martin struggled with, and could not ultimately accept. What was his response to this widely-held view? How does grace enter into our economy? How do we participate in God’s Grace and our response to hunger and poverty?

Click here to look at how an “Economy of Grace” makes sense to us Lutheran.


Week 3 – Meaningful Work
What do you want to be when you grow up? A question we ask children to see what they are thinking about and whom do they admire. Many times, we see that children would like to be someone they respect that provides service to others – a nurse, a fireman, a doctor, a minister. What do you think about a vocation – meaningful work that can serve others?

Click here to look at how meaningful work in our economy makes sense to us Lutherans.


Week 4 – The Church and Justice
Last week, we stated how meaningful work by all people can create a just economy that supports and uplifts all people. How did the Church in Luther’s time view this notion of economic justice?

Click here to look at how the Church views economic justice and how that makes sense to us Lutherans.


Week 5 – A Sustainable Future

In the last several weeks, we spoke of having meaningful work in a just economy for the benefits of all God’s families. Now comes the question of how this can be sustained on a living planet whose human population and the needs of that population are growing rapidly. Is it possible? If so how?

Click here to look at how this may be possible and how we, as Lutherans, can make it happen.