World Hunger

ELCA World Hunger Appeal


For Lent, the ELCA World Hunger Appeal wants Lutherans and other Christians to be sensitive to how  hunger and poverty exist in our world today. Each week in Lent, a key aspect will be explored on how we can recognize occurrences of hunger and poverty and how we can respond to them.

Week 1 – Many Faces of Christ
We are faced with many situations that require our response, and that response may vary, based upon our understanding of the situation and our Christian beliefs.  In those situations that deal with real people, we are confronted with one of many possible faces of Christ. Jesus asked “Who do you say that I am?”  People who are in poverty and are hungry may be many of those faces.   How do we respond to the face of Christ in our personal relationships with other people?

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Week 2 – Partners in Mission
In lesson 1, we looked at the many faces of Christ in our brothers and sisters around the world who may need our help in overcoming hunger. In lesson 2, we are presented with a face of hunger that we don’t always see. The oppression of women in human societies, including those in our country, have resulted in societal conditions that increase physical hunger for many people. The story of how the ELCA is supporting our sisters in India respond to this problem is highlighted, and also gives some thoughts about how our outreach to other oppressed sisters in our world would help us partner in Christ’s mission for equality and justice.

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